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About ICL / Fujitsu Services / BCC Services in Croatia and region:

BCC Services is a company offering IT solutions, systems and infrastructure, and providing full range of related services – from the IT and business consultancy, through solution design and development, to installation, implementation, maintenance and support.
BCC Services d.o.o., formerly Fujitsu Services d.o.o., formerly ICL, is sited in Zagreb. BCC stands for "Business Critical Computing".

BCC Services operated in Croatia since 1969, first under names of ICL, then Fujitsu Services and now BCC Services. The company initially operated through agents, and since it become legally possible, in 1990 directly, by forming own local company, ICL d.o.o., which was the first local branch of an international IT corporation. In April 2002, the ICL was restructured globally and changed name to Fujitsu Services, and the local company in Croatia changed the name to Fujitsu Services d.o.o. In 2003 a fully local management team was appointed. In 2004 the ownership of the company changed, by management buy-out. The present company operates observing all the standards and procedures of the original parent company. In 1995, BCC Services d.o.o., then operating under the name of ICL was the first IT (and 15th altogether) company in Croatia to achieve an ISO 9000 certificate. The original system was updated several times to keep in step with the latest versions of the standard. 

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